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Angular 1, 2, 4

React Native



On demand CTO

Research and strategy

Your brand is different. Your needs are different. Your site or app will be different. Don't take and Ikea approach. Work with us with a craftmanship philosophy to tailor something that is unmistakable.

Design UX/UI

Mobile first design

Starting with the highest constraint in mind is the best way to ensure compatibility of your product across devices. So we always work with the smallest screens and the smaller bandwidth in mind. Then we proceed to larger screens. In other word : it is better to think first about smartphone and then design for the last, top range, 32" screen desktop computer

Project Management

Depending on the needs, financial and planning constraints of your project, we come up with a balanced approach to both pricing and project management, blending Agile and traditional waterfall methodology. Our approach takes result oriented engagements on the scope that is clearly define, and oriented engagements on the scope that needs more discovery during the project.

Quality Assurance

Content strategy

What is you user or visitor looking for ? Action and content. This comes first and has to be identified before any mokup is drawn.

Desktop App

NodeJs / SailsJs



Continuing Integration

What makes you and your team fully part of the process ? Constant communication and feedback. This is why Bluecraft implements continuing integration for every project: You can see, use, test and share your product in the very first weeks of the project.



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